Graffiti all over City Hall!!

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If I had a hat, I would surely take it off to honour James Harrold, Galway City Council's Arts Officer.
His present exhibition in the grounds of City Hall has taken what was (& still is) subversive art and placed in the corridors of power. Well done James!
Galway is known as the 'arts capital of Ireland'. This is due to the efforts of a dedicated few such as James who still have to win over an establishment that is quite conservative, philistine and spartan even on issues of culture and arts. For instance, just look at the horrible buildings that have been erected in our city over the last few decades. Horrible!!
James (or JC to his old college buddies such as myself) is like a breath of fresh air that puts colour into what can otherwise be a very grey city.
Earlier this year, he came to the rescue of one of my 'Fionn' primary schools that wanted to make a 3D model of their science project on the theme of the 'waterways of Galway'. He funded the hiring of two artists that supported the children in their creation of a beautiful large scale model of our urban canals & rivers. We hope to have the completed sculpture on display at the official opening of the new museum in early 2006. Then the 'world and his mother' can have a birdseye view of Galway and understand why it is the 'Venice of Ireland'.

Mirrors on a Student's Bedroom Ceiling?
While I am on the subject of our esteemed Arts officer, I remember someone telling me in a pub a few years back that JC had mentioned that I use to have mirrors placed on the ceiling over my bed during my student days.
So to put the rumours to rest once and for all- My ceiling was actually painted black and covered with a moon, stars and the gory face of a huge female vampire. The bedroom walls on the other hand were painted sky blue populated with some nice clouds. Contrasts!!
JC - you would have been proud of my artistic endeavours!
Alas, these wonderful mural creations of mine failed to charm the ladies though!

Finally, I was inspired to write this blog when my colleague Ina recently showed me photographs of some excellent street graffiti in London. So my attitude was, what London has so have we. Even though ours is on a much less grand scale.

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