Scandal in Renville Holiday Village?
Sadly, I have no juicy bits of sexual shenanigans, stories of international intrigue or cases of attempted murder to reveal from my six years of looking after thousands of guests at Renville Village. Jesus- they were a boring lot!
Actually the clients were mainly genuine sober friendly people on holidays with their families. The location never really attracted the 'lager lout' brigade who tend to want accommodation closer to the city centre nightclubs. I was left with the extended family groups, the 'great outdoor' types and the couples looking for a tranquil setting 'far from the maddening crowd'.
The week of the annual Galway Races was particularly enjoyable. I had more or less the same guests for the last 6 summers. I couldn't praise them enough. Their big Mercs and BMWs nicely complimented the helicopters parked at the hotel that commuted daily them back and forth from Ballybrit Race Course.
But a few hard types did break through our security screen- a handful secretly booked the houses as venues for 21st birthday festivities; at other times, some inebriated wedding guests brought the celebrations back with them. But I was lucky that these incidents were isolated.
I was only once a victim of malicious damage. Last October, after one couple had a flaming row, the girlfriend locked herself in a bedroom. The angry boyfriend put his foot though an internal wall and broke the handle of the door in his attempts to secure entry.

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