The DERI Outreach Crew
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A Wonderful Working Life in 2005

-Photo shows the some of the DERI Outreach crew at the Galway Science & Technology Fair
L-R Stefan Decker ('Top Dog'), yours truly & Ina O'Murchu (a 'one-stop-shop' for sourcing news on the latest Internet trends & gadgets)

I really enjoyed my job over the last year. How many people can honestly say that? To be able to work with young people, community groups and committed activists, visionaries, pioneering technologies, film production, art, drama, the sciences, the environment & wildlife is wonderfully exhilarating. I feel truly honoured.
My main areas of responsibilities revolve around developing and coordinating practical and meaningful programmes designed to facilitate the introduction of new technologies and sciences into the educational and community sectors.
Since the early 1990s, Ireland has been a vibrant economy and the envy of the rest of Europe. The 'Celtic Tiger' has transformed the country socially and culturally as well as economically.
But sadly there are still marginalised peoples that feel alienated and socially excluded from the whirlwind of change that we have experienced and have reaped few of the dividends of our economic boom. These groups include older people, the homeless, refugees, the disabled... As Community/Education Outreach Officer with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at Galway University (NUIG), I ahve been givern the opporuntunity to organise meaningful courses for this sector and help in the process of bridging the 'technology gap' in society that needs to be rectified if a stable sustainable Ireland is to exist in the future.
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