St. Patrick's Day

Galway City

'Big Shots' on the Review Stand!
Photograph is of the Review Stand populated by politicians and 'dignitaries' .
Interestingly there was only one member of Dail Éireann (parliament ) present, namely left-wing firebrand and poet- Michael D Higgins. Most members of the government parties get all-expenses paid foreign holidays during this international Irish week and appear as representatives of teh Irish State at the St. Paddy Day parades in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. etc
Their spaces were filled in the Galway stand by many of the city's community representatives. Except for your truely! I was not invited!!
However, I got a bit of playful banter going with the invited guests shouting remarks over to them (before the parade began) accusing them of 'mixing with the enemy' etc.!

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