The Concentration Camp that is Gaza-the truth of the brutality of the Israeli Occupation

I would ask everyone to read the article (below) in today's British 'Independent' by the excellent journalist Patrick Cockburn detailing the reality of the Israeli brutal occupation of Gaza, probably the most populated region in the world
As I said before, Israel has turned Gaza into a giant concentration camp and are deliberately humiliating its inmates and robbing them of all sense of human dignity.

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Anonymous said...

the truth was the true victim in this operation,I can not recall a conflict surrounded in such propaganda once again the world stands by and allows the terrorist state that is isreal to turn back the clocks in gaza by 20years. We as civialised people should hang our heads in shame for swallowing the crap that is streamed though t.v sets every day ,this was a war between men and mice . and not a silk glove in sight.