Iceland's Barbaric Decision to Resume Slaughter of Whales

My 7 year old son Daire's drawing of whales that he undertook when he heard on television last November that Iceland was to resume the killing of fin & minke whales.
"Why do they want to kill these beautiful creatures Dad?", he asked of me at the time. I still do not know the answer to this question

Iceland, a country without an army and a shining role model of modern liberal democracy in action, is today threatening to drag the whole world back to an Age of Bloody Barbarism.
Its decision to resume commercial whale hunting goes against world public opinion and against a growing awareness of the threat to global biodiversity caused by mankind's destructive tendencies to treat the planet as something that exists purely for his own selfish pleasures is actually now threatening our species very existence.
Having lived there for almost three years, I fell in love with the Iceland's breathtaking natural beauty & greatly admired its people for their resilience and fortitude. But in my time there I was not blind to the fact that whale meat (beached!) was available on many restaurant menus, though most people had an aversion to it.
But this country's decision today to resume commercial hunting and slaughter of these beautiful intelligent creatures is pure madness and will open the floodgates for other countries to follow suit.
What a stupid and silly government the country has. It has caved in to the pressures mounted by a few businessmen who have used the country's proud nationalism for their own self-glorification agenda.
Hopefully there are though local environmental campaigners in Reykjavik and elsewhere that can rescue the country's reputation from the pit that it is has now found itself thrown into and reverse this mindless murderous decision.

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