Kurdish Women Defeat Islamic Caliphate.

So appropriate that misogynist Islamic Caliphate, who deliberately target and murder professional women in towns they capture, are being defeated in Kobane Syria by Kurdish forces containing female soldiers led by female Kurdish commanders such as Baharin Kandal, Narin Afrin and Afsin Kobane (nom de guerre).

Check out BBC News article.

Women make up one third to one half of the peshmerga secular PKK resistance. There are all female units within the YPJ of the Syrian Kurdish resistance.

Photo: AFP News
I salute these brave warriors that are standing up for humanity against a nihilist religious fundamentalist force of evil that has nothing to offer the world except genocide, beheadings, crucification, torture, rape, female slavery, forced marriage and mass public executions. 
They are showing women all across the Middle East that their sex are equal to men.
Thanks to US air strikes, the Kurds are managing to stem this tide of hateful men dressed in black, whilst the cynical Turkish military do nothing.

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Islamic Caliphate must not be allowed to destroy the multi-cultural & religious diversity of the Middle East

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