Blackberries- a Trip down Memory (Country) Lane

All across Ireland-along hedgerows, wasteland, roadside verges and woodlands (& Terryland Forest Park is no exception)-the lovely red and black fruits of the blackberry bush are starting to appear.
'Tis a sight to gladden the heart of many of my generation. For very soon it will be time to go a-gathering the berries!
I have many happy childhood memories of collecting fruits from these brambly bushes along ancient lanes and parklands. Covered in smudges of purple-black juices (couldn't resist eating a few!) and with the sores from thorns along my arms and legs, I would merrily return home to hand over to my gran a few baskets full of berries. She would take these delicate little fruits and magically transform them into a wonderful array of delicious foodstuffs- from crumbly apple & blackberry tarts to jams to desserts (with ice-cream!).
The blackberry bush is also a dear friend of the bee. Its pink white flower is loved by pollinators and provides nectar from June until September.

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