Help a Community Organic Garden awaken after its Winter Sleep

As today is officially the first day of Spring, we are asking for people interested in the Great Outdoors and in growing their own healthy biodiversity-friendly food to come along at 10am tomorrow (Sat Feb 2nd) for a friendly chat, a tea/coffee/biscuit and to take part in the ongoing development of an neighbourhood organic garden.


The aim of the garden volunteers is to endeavour to make this green neighbourhood resource located in Terryland Forest Park a wonderful friendly outdoor venue where people can socialise, grow organic fruits and vegetables as well as to learn the traditional eco-skills from composting to pruning that our grandparents possessed. The garden will continue to develop as a social, health, learning and environmental hub for the neighbourhood of Castlegar and Ballinfoile and indeed for the whole of Galway.
The latest medical scientific research is showing the mental and physical health benefits to people of all ages that comes from spending time surrounded by plants and trees. It is what doctors are now referring to as the ‘Green Prescription’.
By working with others in amongst our fruit trees, vegetable plots and herbal beds as well as by participating in our educational courses, volunteers in our community garden will be encouraged to bring this knowledge back home so that they can grow tasty safe foods in their own gardens to be served on the kitchen plate for the enjoyment of the whole family.
Growing food organically enriches the soil, reduces our carbon footprint, does not pollute the environment, helps the local economy, reduces a household’s food bill and improves personal nutrition. Just as important a well-maintained organic garden is by nature a diverse place, filled not only with food crops, but flowers, birds, insects, bees, butterflies and birds. It is a sanctuary for wildlife at a time when 25% of Ireland’s native species are under threat.
So please visit our garden & forest this Saturday to view our garden/forest community and outdoor educational centre.

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