Happy Mother (Earth) Day!

Terryland Forest Park
On Mother's Day, let us give thanks and appreciation to Mother Earth, the personification of all living things and the biosphere that sustains us all.

For most of the existence of the human species, it is the Mother Goddess or Goddess of Life that was worshiped first and foremost. The Greeks called her Gaia; the pre-Celtic Irish called her Dana or Anu, in Hinduism she is known as Pritvhi Mata; amongst the ancient peoples of the Andes she was referred to as Pachamama.
The fertility of the soil and the fertility of the female took priority over everything else. It is only in the late period of human history, with the smelting of metal from the Bronze Age onwards, that the male gods began to take priority over the female Goddess. The power of metal weaponry and the ability to kill began to take precedence over the power of reproduction and the ability to give life.
Since then our species arrogantly began to convince ourselves we were male Lord and Master over all of the dominions of the Earth and that all living things exist purely to serve our needs. This disconnect with the rest of Nature has led to Climate Chaos, pandemics and the destruction of the planet.
Time to undo the selfishness and 'mé-féinism' of the last few millennia and begin again to worship the ability to give life rather the ability to dispense death. All Power to the Female!

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