The Future of Irish Soccer Looks Bright, Yellow & Green!

'Ronaldo O'Brien'!
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The presence of these Brazilians in our midst is sure to bring many long-term benefits to the country.
Imagine the beautiful children that will result from the mixing of our races!
There is also the dividends that will accrue to the successors of Brian Kerr (Ireland's soccer manager). For on Saturday I attended a local soccer match to watch as an indigenous Gort team was beaten 8 nil by itsBrazilian counterparts! A generation of 'Ronaldo O'Briens' are waiting in their prams!!
So are they being accepted? On the whole, I believe so.
Some people such as Frank Murray, a Portuguese-speaker community organiser, are coordinating some excellent integrationist programmes. I myself will be organising a series of evening IT classes for Brazilian adults designed to promote 'electronic' communities or eNeighbourhoods and closer social interaction.
Of course, some local young people feel that these relatively good-looking Brazilians are here to steal their boyfriends and girlfriends. There are also stories 'doing the rounds' that tell of lonely old farmers being seduced by sexy young Brazilian girls into marriage and signing over the deeds of their farms! Supposedly a few of their cousins are not too happy with on-folding events!!

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