Renville - One Day After the Clean Up!!

This photo was taken a day after the Galway County Council undertook a clean up of Renville!

The roadside bags (upper left of photo) represented the rubbish gathered by the county council staff.
Somebody forgot the seashore!


Ina O' Murchu said...

Interesting..their notion of cleaned up.
What are we paying them for?-for a quarter of a job never mind a job half done!

Anonymous said...


2 reasons why Renville gets so dirty is one the Tide brings a lot of what floats around the bay in , it has improved with the charge on plastic bags

second if because of a lack of dustbins in the area particularly for visitors to the quay side and returning or visiting sailors wishing to dump general rubbish

take Ballyvaugh, there is not a single public waste bin in the whole village

Johnny Shorten