The New Eyre Square- Sterile & Ugly!

After all the controversy and after going way over budget with a final cost of over €9million, Eyre Square finally re-opened to the public.
The term 'Eyre Square' has became synonymous in Ireland with 'a major construction or planning cock-up'.
I was one of the many hundreds of Galwegians that campaigned against the City Council 'concertising' Eyre Square, the heart of the city centre.
There is no denying that the old square needed major surgery. But I wanted another St Stephen's Green-style park in what is after all the very heart of the city. I envisaged a 'Green Oasis' endowed with ponds, seated areas surrounded by low-lying hedges, fountains, an Edwardian central bandstand....So it may not surprise you that I am not impressed with the final result.
However I was prepared to give credit where credit is due, compliment City Hall if it turned out fine and admit that maybe a 'plaza' and a 'green park' could be successfully combined.
Alas, the final result is boring, bland, sterile and a huge anti-climax. I can't work out where the money was actually spent!
The nice addition of a children's playground is undermined by its small size; the shiny grey stone extensively used throughout the development is out of character with the old uneven limestone of many of the neighbouring old buildings; the seated areas are too exposed, there are no sculptures or a central raised concert area; the trees remaining and those planted don't combine to create pleasant green corridors for walkers.
What we have got is a sterile landscape lacking character, depth or friendliness.
A golden opportunity lost and a waste of taxpayers money.
On a positive note, it was confirmed last week that the square will provide wireless access in a few months.

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