Huges Casinos, racetracks & a White House replica for rural Ireland?! Has the descredited Michael Lowry No Shame?!!

Destruction of 800 acres of agricultural lands to build casinos, huge racetracks & a replica of the White House in rural Ireland?!

So pathetic!
The Board of An Bord Pleanala went against the recommendations of their own on-site inspector's recommendations to refuse planning permission. Michael Lowry, the political backer for this madcap enterprise to bring Las Vegas casinos to rural Ireland, is a discredited politician whose shenanigans were exposed and condemned by the Moriarty Tribunal.

At least he is consistent in his love for gambling. For he has a track record of gambling away taxpayers monies to look after his celebrity business backers and friends Denis O'Brien & Ben Dunne. If the new government is to show that it has broken away from the past & is no longer there to serve the interests of property speculators, it has to oppose this crazy scheme.

Casinos in places such as Atlantic City & Las Vegas have only fueled poverty, gangsterism, gambling, drug and alcoholic addiction.

There is no sustainable future going down this road.

Finally, it is time to prosecute Lowry for his abuse of public office. Click here

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