Galway's "United Nations" Hosts Multi-Cultural Festival!

The Iranian stand had an extensive range of delicious foods on offer
Yesterday the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway was ablaze with a wonderful mix of aromatic smells, exotic food dishes, colourful traditional costumes and scenic posters as it played host to a very successful Multi-Cultural Festival comprising stalls from twenty one countries. 
Turks & Greeks smiling together
With over three hundred researchers the centre, with operations at UCC, UCD and NUI Galway, is one of the worlds’ largest Big Data research institutes. 
Indians & Pakistanis happily together
The vision, reputation and activities of Insight at NUI Galway has attracted young highly skilled and motivated people from across all continents to join its ranks. With their presence, the centre has been transformed into a cornucopia of ethnicities, colours and cultures of the globe. We are truly the United Nations of Galway and bear witness to how people from diverse backgrounds, creeds, nations and countries can work together in perfect harmony to build technologies to make a better world.  
Arabs United! Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian & Tunisian members of Insight
The multi-cultural festival was a fantastic display of all this is good about the different traditions that work in Insight celebrating a wide range of ethnic cuisine, art, dress and musical traditions. 
Germany, Romania, Chile & Spain
The countries that exhibited were Brazil, Chile, Egypt, France Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, United States, Romania, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Vietnam.
Austian & Iranian meet a real live Irish Leprechaun!

Kevin's Hot Dogs were a popular choice at the American stand
Traditional art, cuisine, literature and dress were all on display at the Pakistani stand

 Ndrek from Albania was impressed with the large numbers that took part in the Festival

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