Galway's Coderdojo Kids to Showcase their Projects at NUI Galway

Parents, teachers, teenagers and children interested in computer programming are invited to attend NUI Galway on Saturday May 17th when members of one of lreland’s fastest growing volunteer youth clubs will showcase their own computer games and digital stories.

 The event will take place from 12pm-2pm on Saturday May 17th at the university’s Insight Centre for Data Analytics (formerly DERI) in the Dangan Business Park and coincides with international Scratch Day. Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Scratch is the most popular computer language for young people worldwide, being a significant catalyst in the huge uptake in coding across the world over the last few years. 

The organizer of the Galway event is Coderdojo Galway city, an open source, volunteer-led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people in a relaxed and social environment.
We are welcoming not only members of Coderdojo Galway but all young Scratch coders from city and county, from Coderdojos and from schools to attend and to showcase their Scratch projects with prizes of tablets being offered to the winners in under 12 and over 12  categories. Visitors to the event will also be entered into a draw for a tablet!

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