First Steps in Organising a Digital Makers' Fair for Galway

Saturday morning Coderdojo class in NUI Galway
The annual Galway Science & Technology Festival Fair that will take place in NUI Galway this year on Sunday November 22nd is one of the largest one-day celebrations of science in Europe, attracting over 20,000 visitors. 
It is recognised as an important showcase of Galway-based industrial technologies, third level research and junior science projects.
091Labs demoing 3D printing and other electronics
The event represents a wonderful opportunity for those organisations and individuals involved in the local digital makers' movement to come together under a common banner to promote the creativity, variety and scale of this almost parallel universe existing within Galway much of it populated by volunteer enthusiasts. Groups such as the third level student computer societies, 091Labs, gaming groups, Coderdojos from across city and county, the Computer and Communications Museum, ham radio operatives, Google Women Techmakers etc. provide an invaluable buzz, digital learning and creative dimension to the region.  
Open Day at Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland at Insight NUI Galway
A few weeks ago, Coderdojo Galway city and Coderdojo Athenry showed what could be done by their hosting of a successful pop-up hands-ons show in the city centre as part of the promotion for the Galway City of Culture 2020 bid which included 3D printing, Minecraft, and Arduino activities.
Minecraft program of Athenry Castle with Coderdojo Athenry
I am inviting those interested in organising a distinct Digital Makers presence at this year's Galway Science & Technology Festival Fair to attend a meeting at 7pm this Monday (Nov 9th) in the Conference Room of the Insight Centre for Data Anatyics, DERI Building, Dangan Business Park.

Computer Museum, Coderdojo & 091Labs in action at Volvo Ocean Race Village
Please feel free to spread the word and encourage others to come along and take part in this initiative. 
Robotics in action at Codedojo Pop-up store at Galway2020 HQ

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