Irish Sayings & Quotations Part 9

Dearg aniar - soineann agus grian,
Dearg anoir - sneachta agus sioc,
Dearg aneas - doineann agus teas,
Dearg aduaidh - clagar agus fuacht.

Red in the west - sunshine and sun,
Red in the east - snow and frost,
Red in the south - storm and heat,
Red in the north - hail and cold.

Only a few decades ago, every child knew this saying and could look at the sky and accurately predict tomorrow's weather.

Sadly this is no longer the case as our global civilisation with all its technology and modernity has lost its understanding of and connectivity with nature. Ethically, we are the poorer for it and will soon be so economically. For in the process, we have planted the seeds of our own destruction as our increasing abuse of the planet through de-forestation, pollution, energy consumption and habitat loss will of course come round to haunt us through climate change, water shortage and other associated ills.

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