Human Trafficking & Slavery in Galway and Ireland

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The news tonight about three women being held in London as slaves for 30 years provides ample evidence that slavery is a fact of modern life.
As part of my Internet Safety talks to parents and second level senior students, I discuss the fact that the huge Internet porn industry is based on actors who are slaves, mainly teenage girls. 

In Ireland today, there are trafficked girls and young women being brought into this country from Asia, Africa  and Eastern Europe to satisfy the sexual demands of men both Irish and non-Irish. 
Ireland also has an international reputation as a handy location for facilitating marriages of convenience to secure EU citizenship. The gangs & pimps are mainly from the same countries as the victims. A Romanian man Ilie Ionut who operated his brother empire from  Galway and later Belfast is on trial in Sweden for trafficking women into Ireland and Sweden for enforced prostitution. 
But the Irish government has done little to halt the flow of human slavery. Few if any prosecutions.
Time for Irish politicians to protect the victims and jail the pimps, thugs and gangsters as well as criminalise the purchase of sex.