Ugliest Business Buildings In Galway. Part 2- Ireland West Tourism Office

Would You Ask this Building to Represent Your Country on the World Stage?
Fáilte Ireland, and its predecessors and its subsidiaries such as Ireland West Tourism, has been a tremendous national resource for decades in promoting the positive aspects of Ireland both at home and abroad.
But its tourism office on Eyre Square in the heart of Galway City is a serious embarrassment to the nation. It is a decrepit-looking building that reeks of shoddiness and tacky modernity that is the antithesis of the large message proudly displayed on its front wall, namely Ireland's Cultural Heartland.For how can such a calamitous eyesore encapsulate the renowned Irish traits of traditions, quality, caring and friendliness? For is not the Image the Message?
Though I have in this context, the whole of the redeveloped and hugely expensive Eyre Square adds nothing to the attractiveness of Galway City. But that is a story that has been retold a thousand times over the last few years.

But rather than just moan aboutthe building, I am going to this week request the Galway Community representatives on the local Tourism committee to raise it as a issue of concern that needs to be addressed.

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Rita O Malley's Diary said...

Well done Brendan to highlight this issue. lets hope someone is listening