Prosecute Lowry, O'Brien & Dunne!

Dail Éireann (Irish parliament) should ask for criminal proceedings to be brought against Michael Lowry, Denis O'Brien and Ben Dunne for corrupting the Irish political system & undermining democracy in this republic.
Fair play for Judge Moriarity for saying in plain English how Lowry and O'Brien used money to feather their own nests.

But if legislative action is not taken against these men, the taxpayers funding of the decade-old Moriarty Tribunal & its findings was and is a waste of time.
When the 'Bloody Sunday Tribunal' issued its findings, Prime Minister David Cameron made a statement to the British Parliament and apologised for the wrongs of the British Army. Taoiseach Enda Kenny should do likewise and issue a public statement in the Dail within the next few days & apologises for the damage done to Irish democracy by self-serving greedy politicians in Fianna Fail, Fine Gael & other parties who took monies from wealthy business men in return for land re-zoning, issuing of state contracts etc. These parasites need to be kick out of politics and put in jail. Plus there needs to be immediate legislation brought in to ban political donations from businesses, which has contaminated Irish politics since the 1960s when Charles Haughey set up the old boys network known as 'Taca' to fund raise for Fianna Fail.

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Anonymous said...

lowrey as minister was an employee of the irish people when he took obriens money as such he was responsible for protecting the affairs of the irish people. he and bully obrien should pay the cost of the tribunal and both jailed for perjury,fraud and theft.