Fiscal Treaty: Why should we pay even more for the mistakes of greedy Bankers, Property Developers & their Poltical Lackeys?

I support a Union of European democratic states. But like David McWilliams, Eamon O’Cuiv, Richard Boyd Barrett, Shane Ross…I am voting Níl in this referendum.
A Yes vote will lead to a further loss of sovereignty on top of what was handed over (without the will of the people) by the last unpatriotic government in order to bail out their greedy banker and property speculator friends. The future of generations to come was mortgaged to pay for their personal and institutional gambling debts.
The crisis was caused by this old boys network. But it us that are facing austerity and losses for something that we did not cause. Our taxes are being used to pay for the debts of private banks not to create jobs, sustainable growth and development.
As well as the wages of ordinary hardworking people, our schools, hospitals, and community services are being robbed once again. Yet not one corrupt banker, property speculator, civil servant or politician has been prosecuted and made pay for their crimes. They still enjoy the high life with all their taxpayer-funded exorbitant pensions, expenses, consultancies, NAMA fees…
A Yes vote will further erode democracy as our lives will be decided even more by unelected bureaucrats who are not answerable to the will of any electorate.
Instead let our political leaders fight to write off the banks debts and spare us these cuts.

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