The Case of the Disappearing Galway River!

Over the last few months the Sandy (Terryland River) that flows through the Terryland Forest Park has almost disappeared as it becomes covered by a dense growth of vegetation. The effect on aquatic wildlife must be devastating. BIrds such as swans cannot easily navigate through its ever narrowing channels; large fish are deprived of entry to the river's upper reaches.
I raised my concerns a number of times with the Office of Public Works (OPW) who are the agency responsible for the river's upkeep.
They are aware of the problem and are going to carry maintenance clearance works in the new few months. They have also confirmed that they are putting a plan in place to eradicate (if possible) another issue I raised prompted by ecologist Thomas Cuffe. Namely the scourge of Japanese Knotweed, which is spreading like wildlife along riverbanks across Ireland. I have been asked to accompany their staff on a fact finding mission on how best to tackle this unwanted invasive species
Hijacking Public Space
This week, I reported to Galway City Council the fact that a retail outlet has commandeered a public facility for free advertising. The location is a bridge over the Sandy (Terryland) River. I have been informed by City Hall that, after confirmation by an on-site inspection by a community warden in the next two days, the Barber Shop in Terryland Retail Park will be issued a monetary fine and be forced to remove the hoarding.

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