Holocaust Remembrance Day - 70 years later & the Massacres Continue

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on the tens of millions of men, women and children exterminated by the Nazis simply because of their ethnicity, religious persuasion, sexuality, or political belief. It was the Jews who suffered the most, almost obliterated from the continent of Europe.

We must not forget too that the vile Nazis came from one of the most 'advanced' countries on the most 'advanced' continent on Earth in the most technological advanced century in the history of mankind. Sadly 'modernit'y and 'civilisation' do not go hand in hand with morality, peace and a better world for all.

Syria 2013
It seems though that humanity collectively has learned nothing from this dark episode. This very day, innocent people are being butchered by fanatics in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Egypt, Mexico... 
Since the end of World War Two, Rwanda, Lebanon, Palestine, China, Uganda, Brazil, Western Sahara, Kosovo, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Burma and many more countries have experienced ethnic, political and religious 'cleansing'.

Syria 2013
 The madness of greed and power could drive our whole species to extinction.

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