Men’s Shed Hosts Blacksmithy Workshop

A blacksmithy workshop will take place from 11.00am until 4pm on Sunday February 9th in the Cumann na bhFear premises at Sandy Road Business Park, Galway city.

There has been an enormous revival over the last few years in the ancient and time honoured profession of blacksmithing, the ability to create objects from wrought or malleable iron by forging the metal using tools to hammer, bend and cut it.
At the Sunday workshop, participants will be shown how to produce objects such as pokers, rivets and tongs. 

Cumann na bhFear is part of the international Men's Shed movement with both male and female members. The cumann possess a number of anvils, which are the distinctive blocks of iron consisting of a smooth flat top upon which the metals being worked on are traditionally hammered, bent and cut into shape. 

There are a limited amount of places available and pre-booking is required. Fee is 10Euro. So anyone interested, please contact Michael Tiernan at

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