Wildlife Safari of Terryland Forest Park

Award-winning wildlife photographer, ecologist and ornithologist Tom Cuffe will bring people on a wonderful wildlife safari through Terryland Forest Park at 12.00pm on Saturday next (March 8th). The event is being organised by the ‘Friends of Terryland Forest Park’ as part of national Tree Week.

As part of a nationwide monitoring and conservation programme, Tom last year undertook a ground-breaking scientific survey of the bird, moth, butterfly and other insect populations of the Terryland Forest Park.

Though his survey only covered a small geographical enclave of this urban park, nevertheless he recorded  48 bird species, 12 Butterfly species, 6 Bumblebee species, 12 Damsel/Dragonfly as well as 85 other species of wildlife and 27 flowering species.

His research has provided the scientific evidence of how Ireland's largest man-made publicly owned urban forest park project, containing nearly 100,000 native Irish trees planted by the ordinary people of Galway city in conjunction with local authority staff, has dramatically enhanced the biodiversity of the urban landscape.

Organisers are welcoming everyone of all ages to come along on Saturday and be introduced to the winged creatures of Terryland. Rendezvous point: 12.00pm (mid-day) Car Park in front of Galway Bay FM on the Sandy Road.

Wildlife photographs courtesy of Tom Cuffe


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