The Web is Facilitating an Upsurge in Female Exploitation & Slavery.

As someone that campaigned for women and gay rights whilst a student activist during the 'dark days' of the late 1970s & early 1980s, and as someone who lived in Iceland for three years, I admire the present efforts of the Icelandic feminist-led government to ban online violent or degrading pornography which is largely based around the enforced exploitation of young people. 

It is worth noting that Iceland has being at the forefront of female emancipation for decades and presently tops the Global Gender Equality list. 

See The Economist article on the proposed new legislation.

The World Wide Web is one of the greatest beneficial inventions of humanity. But sadly it has been used as a weapon to enslave people particularly women worldwide. 

I see in my dealings with vulnerable people, amongst asylum seekers and others.We are living in an era where slavery has being reborn facilitated by technology

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Bill the Butcher said...

I'd definitely want you to expand on this topic, Brendan. Apart from porno, women are bought and sold online - literally - as commodities. Women are used as masks by scammers.