Galway's very own United Nations: A Window into a Better Future

A number of years ago, I helped initiate an annual multicultural festival, at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (formerly DERI)  in NUI Galway, that is a wonderful celebration of the richness and diversity of the cuisine, music, dance, dress, traditions and natural beauty of the countries represented by the peoples working in my research institute at NUI Galway.
For 2015, staff and students from 14 countries exhibited stands with samples of indigenous foods, beverages and traditional dress. 
An Irish traditional music seisiún
This year, we introduced a new dimension to the event- music and dance. Thanks to Jim Cotter, Deasún Ó Seanáin, Chan Le Van and others we hosted a lovely Irish trad seisiún; thank to Insight's CEO Oliver Daniels we experienced the sounds of an old Irish ballad; thanks to Housam Ziad and Suad Darra we enjoyed the beautiful community Dabke dance from the Levant region of the Middle East. 

 Insight is a window into a better future, when the peoples of the world can live in harmony with each other, when they respect rather then be antagonistic towards their cultural/ethnic/religious differences and by working together can create technologies that benefits rather than undermines the planet Earth and all its flora and fauna.
 So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hardworking organising committee that included Anne Helmreich Narumol, Amelie, Soheila and Anh Thule.

Click here to enjoy a wonderful film of the event.

Czech Republic

Syria & Palestine


Ireland (Éire)




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