Celtic & Latino- What a lovely combination!

After travels in Africa and continental Europe I returned to Ireland in order to be present at the wedding of Bianca Pereira and Emir Munoz, my very dear friends and work colleagues.
It was a beautiful magical Celtic experience. Officiated by the druid Dara Ó Maoildhia(see photo) it took place in the grounds of Brigit's Garden, a wonderfully unique sanctuary in Connemara that pulsates with the essence of the natural world and of Celtic mythologies. 

The ancient Celts were so advanced in terms of their understanding of the Earth-they clearly saw the value and sacredness of all living things, and the deep connections that exist between humankind and the rest of Nature. In a time of destructive man-made climate change, this is something that modern science is only now clearly showing us- hopefully it is not too late for society to undo the harm that we have done to the planet particularly over the last 150 years.

Bianca hails from Brazil and Emir Muñoz from Chile. A young charming warm couple, they are passionate about Ireland's heritage and landscapes. They have on their own and in the company of others walked for many years along the ‘boreens’, tracks and trails of rural Ireland. The story about how the spark of love between them was lit whilst climbing Croagh Patrick, the country's most sacred mountain, has now passed into legend amongst their work colleagues and friends.
I am deeply impressed about how they, like many a visitor to our native shores over the last millennia, have become 'more Irish than the Irish themselves'.

So I was indeed honoured that Bianca had asked me earlier this year to be her witness at the wedding and to introduce her character to all present.
May they live a long, happy, prosperous life together and may they continue by their presence to make our country a better place.

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