Save Our Frogs- Help Volunteers Build a Wildlife Pond

Help us tomorrow build a natural habitat that is in serious decline in Ireland and elsewhere. The large scale disappearance of ponds is leading to a huge decline in the Ireland's rare amphibian species that include frogs and newts. Drainage, land reclamation and pollution-associated with intensive arable land use (nitrate/phosphate nutrients as well as pesticides) or affected by urban runoff (oils, litter)- are the primary causes.
Due to their small sizes, isolation and the low volume of water available to dilute pollutants, ponds are one of the most vulnerable of all our threatened habitats.

The exciting project being undertaken in the Ballinfoile Community Organic Garden involves the construction of a pond that will have a lovely waterfall powered by wind!

So make a difference to Ireland’s wildlife by taking part in our exciting biodiversity regeneration initiative.
We need lots of volunteers at 10am in the morning to help in the digging out of the space for this big pond.
Furthermore, we will also be starting the construction of Galway city’s first community tree nursery tomorrow! 

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