The early 2000s XBox Game Parties are back!

Thanks to the wonderful generousity of Philip Burke, last night we brought a whole new and exciting dimension to the museum's Retro Gaming Zone by putting in place an Offline Multiplayer Gaming Network from 2002 based on the original Xbox console.

Before Broadband became available to most homes, the capabilities and architecture of the first Xbox generation facilitated young people gathering together over twenty years ago in one location with their own consoles and screens to play the same games using a 'local area network' (LAN).
Known as the Xbox 'System Link', it allowed up to 16 players to share the same game.

Our good chippie friend Brendan Walsh made a very long table unit that accommodates four large screens with four of Microsoft's first home video game console. Two of the screens were donated by Diarmuid Keaney and two by Philip Burke who also provided the Xboxes.

Based on the feedback from last night's young participants who gave the system a trial run, the Xbox LAN is going to be one of the most popular interactive exhibits that the museum will have on offer to visitors.

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