A Neighbourhood Eating Together in Galway city

The Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden in Galway city is hosting this Saturday (August 30th) from 12.00-2.00pm a very special Neighbourhood Food Together event entitled Le Chéile Agus Bia Sláinte

For the fourth annual harvest festival of a community garden located in the Terryland Forest Park, there will be a focus on promoting the concept of residents getting to known each other better by the simple approach of sitting down together to enjoy fresh food produce grown in the community organic garden. Tarts, jams. salads, baked potatoes and pizzas will be on offer, local musicians will be playing and all attendees are asked to make a small donation towards the project’s overheads and a special local charity. 

The garden project promotes access to fresh locally-grown healthy food; environmental awareness; biodiversity protection; teaching and learning of Irish heritage and traditional rural skills; social interaction and a healthy lifestyle. 
As Ireland experienced unprecedented economic and social change over a few short decades changing from being a rural society to that of an urbanised environment, alienation has become a huge problem in our country. A housing estate or any suburban development can often be a lonely place for an individual even though he/she is surrounded by hundreds even thousands of people. We have to reverse this trend and start turning 'urban sprawl' into 'urban villages' by amongst other things promoting the hosting of local neighbourhood events in order to give residents a ‘sense of place’ and a feeling of ‘community’.
The Neighbourhood Food Together and Harvest Festival in our community garden is part of this movement of change. 
We are asking people to come along and experience a wonderful neighbourhood facility that inclues an orchard, vegetable plots, herbal garden, outdoor stage, polytunnel, clay oven, drystone walls and fairy garden developed over the last four years by local volunteers.


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