The Return of An Sídhe

The Fairies Take up Residency in our Forest Garden!

Thanks to the artistic, creativity and imagination of one of our younger volunteers, the fairies (Sídhe) are starting to appear amongst the trees, rocks and wildflowers of the Ballinfoile Mór Community Garden. The 'little people' have not been seen in the locality for decades, as their once green homelands were destroyed by concrete, tarmac, traffic, hoards of dumped refuse, pollution and chemical toxic fertilizers.

Yet over the last decade, the ongoing planting of tens of thousands of trees and wildflowers in the man-made Terryland Forest Park, the return of insects, foxes and birds, the removal of rubbish and the development of an organic neighbourhood garden created a natural environment where fairies could once again live. 

All it needed then was the magical paintbrushes of Lynette McGowan to cast their awesome spells and the 'little people' miraculously started to appear last week from underneath rocks and from behind the base of tree trunks!

Can you help us with this wonderful work of maintaining a little community garden and natural woodland in Terryland Forest Park?

Once again we need volunteers from 11.15am on Saturday (Aug 2nd) to continue supporting the ongoing enhancement of the Living Willow Tunnel, in laying the foundations for a giant Celtic Cross feature that will form the axis of the garden as well as the more mundane tasks of weeding, watering and general upkeep. We will also be litter picking and putting up locally made (Cumann na bhFear) bat boxes in the adjacent woodlands.

So with so much tasks to be completed, we could use your presence on the day!
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